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Maumee Ohio Homeowner builds with Decker Homes and

is now taking his energy efficient home to the next level!

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HVAC Systems

WaterFurnace is the preferred GEO system of Decker Homes. Geothermal systems have been an option to #deckerhomes homebuyers for years.

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Solar System

Bob & Barbara Schmitt selected Decker Homes to build a net zero home in Decker's exclusive Maumee Ohio,
Deer Valley development.

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Leading the way in Home Building!

A leader in the energy efficient home building industry Since 1981, Decker Homes continues to push the envelope in an effort to educate home buyers. Net Zero homes ARE ACHIEVABLE!

Accelerating the shift to energy efficient homes powered by renewable energy systems

Since 1981, over 800 homeowners have enjoyed the lifestyle benefits and investment value designed into each home and community we have developed. Numerous awards stand as testament to design excellence, energy efficiency, and attention to quality that has been the foundation of our reputation for over 30 years.

As a full service company, Decker Homes assist in all areas of the home building process, from plan design to interior design, and even 1-year after closing customer service follow-up. At the forefront of our building philosophy lies a deeply rooted commitment to personal attention - attention that easily guides clients through the home building process.


The path to achieving net-zero is pretty clear!

The strategy is to reduce a home's energy use as much as possible. then use renewable energy systems for what the demand calls for. An energy efficient, tight envelope comes first!

Heating & Cooling accounts for 43% of a typical homes energy use

According to data collected by the US Department of Energy collected in 2010, heating and cooling accounts for 43 percent of a typical homes energy use.

The first step at Decker Homes is our architectural design practice of designing our homes to create a tightly sealed and insulated building envelope. Our "Build Tight and Insulate Right" practice includes installing highly efficient (R-5 or higher) triple-pane windows and a super high efficient Geothermal ground source heat pump that heats most of the household hot water.


Established in 1981, Decker Homes built there first home as a high-quality, energy efficient home within very first year.


Decker Homes collaborates with local utility company,
Consumers Power to build
'The Ideal Energy Home'.


Decker Homes builds 2,100 sqft ranch with Solar Panels.


Net Zero Achieved!